ArcAngle Industrial Robot

Fig 1. Industrial robot ArcAngle with its controller

This picture shows the completed robot with its controller.  The Motivator is clearly shown and next to it is an interface connection box.  The joystick Director is shown in the front.  The large black box which is the power supply.

Robot Hand

Fig. 2 The Robot hand or end effector with its two gripper fingers.  The black box is a servo-motor.

This Robot hand or end effector has two opposed fingers for holding objects.   The black box is a servo motor which is operated by a controller.   A 57 tooth gear is attached directly to the servo, and is in mesh with a second similar gear.  A separate finger is attached to each of the gears.

The hand is attached to an industrial type robot with three degrees of freedom with a cylindrical work envelope.  It will comprise a rotating base, a sliding horizontal arm, and a sliding vertical arm.

Fig. 3   View of the complete robot from the left side

Fig 4. View of robot from right side showing slewmotor.

The robot will be controlled by MotorVator, computer driven interface hardware and software from Meccanisms, New Zealand.  If you are interested in this subject, contact Andrew Wells at

The complete robot will soon be available from MW Mail order as a Modelplan

Michael Adler

January 2004