The Arnfield Clock

The Arnfield Clock (MP 104)

The Arnfield Mantel Clock is a pendulum clock with a very special mechanism.  The impulseing is done by gravity arm, but the unlocking is carried out by second arm which is actuated by the gravity arm.  The result is that the pendulum is virtually free, a very important feature of accuracy, as the less work the pendulum itself has to do, the better.  

The clock is based upon a 1987 design by Arnfield, and is featured in Philip Woodward's wonderful book - 'My Own Right Time'.

In this clock, all the features of the prototype are accurately reproduced, and have been made into a ModelPlan.  The escapement is driven by a Huygens continuous chain and weight and is rewound electrically.  

The clock has an attractive glassed in Meccano case and stands on a wooden plinth .

This photo shows  the escapement of the Arnfield Mantel Clock.  The gravity arm is on the left, and the unlocking arm is on the right.

This IsoMec drawing shows the six legged escape wheel and the two arms.  The impulsing is done by the lever on the left, and is reset by pins on the scape wheel, before giving impulse to the pendulum.  The unlocking lever is on the right, actuated by being moved aside by the lower end of the gravity arm.

Michael Adler

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