Meccano Index of Clocks and Mechanisms

Compiled by John Lavers

This index  sets out to list all buildable clocks and clock mechanisms from past issues of Meccano Magazines, Meccanoman's Journal, (Junior) Meccano Engineer, Midlands Guild Gazette, Model mechanics and Model Maker.


Bell Striking MM.1940/10/459
Big Ben MM.1955/2/86
Digital MM.1974/2/42
Electric MM.1931/4/313; 1937/10/617; 1954/12/590(1), 1967/3/41(2)
Electric Pendulum MM1933/12/988; 1969/1/36
Granddaughter MM.1976/1/16
Grandfather MM.1941/1/23; 1960/6/302; 1973/3/62
SML MM.1923/11/142; & 12/172; 1932/2/128
Hipp see "electric pendulum'
Hipp, Skeleton MM. 1980/1/8
Master MM.1935/9/536(1), HCS.2/27(2)
Mantel MM.1929/6/471, 1968/7/390
Nuremburg MM.1972/4/170
Self Starting MJ. 8/187
Self Winding MM.1966/9/42
Self Winding Balance Wheel MM.1971/8/392
Slave MM.1928/11/932; 1939/3/178
Ten Feet MM.1930/8/630 & 9/710
Travelling MM.1970/8/461
Wall MM.1936/9/531(1); 1945/7/240(2), 1961/6/212(3); MMTH MM.1957/9/460(1),
1962/6/242(2), MMGG,1/7
Wall, Gothic MOM 1980/4/24

Clock Mechanisms

Adjuster for pallet MM,1957/2/91; 1969/12/620
Automatic winding MM.1952/10/465; 1973/3/60
Basic MJ.1953/6/316(1), 1959/12/560(2) - note instructions in (1)
Bell striker, escapement in one MM.1936/4/227
Drive splitting MM.1926/6/397(1), 1943/8/274(2), 1932/9/701, 1936/8/473,
1970/12/655, ME.6/92
Flail locking clock striking MMGG.5/13
Hair spring MM.1936/6/347
Half hour strike, for grandfather clock (MM.1973/3) MM.1974/4/102
Lunar movement MM.1970/6/327, 1974/2/47, 1978/4/150
  MJ. 8/192, 39/1161; ME.11/18
Second hand drive ME.10/227
Spark arrestor  for Electric contacts MM.1934/9/727
Striking unit MM.1969/5/246
Time and strike on one weight ME.7/140
Tropical year movement M.1935/4/240
Waiting train movements MM.1935/4/240
Weight chain, non slip MM.1968/9/501
Winding units MM.1973/3/60

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