Meccano Clock Resources


1.  Constructor Quarterly CQ

CQ 33 - Rejuvinating Grandpa - by John Wilding.  John Wilding is a senior horologist, widely respected as a designer and author.  Meccano was a fascinating hobby in his boyhood, and returning to it, he has brought his experience to bear on a classic Meccano clock.  

The Meccano Grandfather Clock was described in the Meccano magazine in 1923 November and December2

The Meccano Grandfather Clock - Super Model Leaflets 14 and 14a 1928.

The Meccano Grandfather Clock SML 14a 1931

CQ 53 - Super Model 14a  - matters arising by John Wilding

CQ 49 - A Church Clock - by John Wilding - Gravity excapement clock full instructions with automatic electric rewind.

CQ 51 - A striking Unit for Meccano Clocks - by John Wilding - describes a locking plate and electric striking mechanism.

Midlands Meccano Guild - Skeleton Clock - by Roger Wallis - full instructions on building a pendulum escapement clock runing for 30 hours on a Meccano No 1. Clockwork motor.

CQ - June 1989  Do-it-yourself Wind-up Mecccano Clock - by Bert Love Mantel Clock - uses the spring from a No1 Clockwork Motor to power this excellent little clock

 Gravity Escapement Clock - Alan Partridge - Sheffield Meccano Guild magazine - 1987 March, pp20-24, G M Modelplan No.79 1993.

Meccano Clocks - design and construction Field Survey by Pat Briggs Meccanomens' Journal  October 1975 No. 41 p. 1213.

An Introduction to Clocks by Meccanomen's Journal Editor - with full bibliography

2.  GMM series of Supermodels - full instructions

 Astronomical Clock - Leaflet 6.

 Pendulum Verge Clock - Leaflet 55

 Lantern Clock - Leaflet 23

Rotating Pendulum Clock - Leaflet 10.

Foliot Verge Clock - Leaflet 53

Gmm. SMl 45 - Grandfather Clock with Dead Beat Escapement

Self Winding Balancing  Wheel Clock - Ron Fail Meccano  Magazine August 1971

The Bulle Clock - Electric pendulum impulsed clock -

Newsmag 29 - Designed by Keith Cameron based on earlier versions by  Georges Gombet and Jack Partridge.

Astronomical Clock - Peter McCall  - ModelPlan 65. Full instructions for building this extremely advanced clock

3.  Reference List of Published Meccano Clocks and Mechanisms - Meccanoman's Journal

Books of Prize Models

1. 1915 Free standing spring driven pendulum clock

2. 1932 Mantel type elctric slave clock

Instruction manuals

3. 1916 to 1921 Simple weight driven pendulum type wall clock

4. 1930 to 1933 Spring driven pendulum type mantel clock

5. 1949 to 1952 Spring driven pendulum type mantel clock

6. 1954 to 1961 Self standing spring driven pendulum type

Meccano Magazines

7. MM 11/12.23  Weight driven pendulum type grandfather clocklater published as SML 14.

 8. MM.8.27 Weight driven pendulum type grandfather clock no instructions.

9. MM.11.28 Meccano electric time keeping apparatus

10 MM 6.29 Spring driven pendulum type Mantel clock

11. MM 8/9.30 a 10ft high clock with pendulum

12. MM4.31 Mantel type electric slave clock

13 MM.2.32 Meccano Grandfather clock

14. MM.3.33 Astronomical clock

15. MM.12.33 Mantel type electric clock

16. MM.2.35   8 pole synchronous motor

17. MM 4.35 Electric clock with waiting train mechansim 

18. MM.9. 35 Master clock with striking and chiming mechanism

19. MM.11.35 Mantel type clock with synchronous motor

20. MM.9.36 Weight driven pendulum wall clock

21. MM.11.36 Weight driven pendum grandfather clock

22. MM.10.37 Unusual electric clock with two rings.

23. MM.4.38 8 pole synchonous motor

24. MM.3.39 Electric operated slave clock

25. MM.4.40 8 pole synchronous motor

26. MM.10.40 Novel chiming clock

27. MM.1.41 Electric astronomical electric clock

28. MM.7.45 Weight driven pendulum wall clock

29. MM.4.46 Electric Astronomical clock

30. MM.8.46 Weight driven pendulum grandfather clock

31. MM.10 46. Electric bracket clock

32. MM.7.48. Weight driven pendulum grandfather clock

33. MM.1.50 Giant astronomical clock

34. MM.2.52. Weight driven pendulum grandfather clock

35. MM..6.53. Weight driven pendulum clock

36. MM.12.54. Mantel type elctric clock

37. MM.9.57. Weight driven pendulum wall clock

38. MM.12.59. Weight driven pendulum grandfather clock

39. MM.6.61. Weight driven pendulum wall clock

40. MM.9.66 Weight driven grandfather clock with automatic electric rewind.

41. MM.3.67. Mantel type with synchronous motor.

Special leaflets

43. The Meccano Clock. Weight driven pendulum clock

Supermodel Leaflets

44. SML14 1928 The Meccano Grandfather Clock

45. SML 14a 1931. The Meccano grandfather Clock


French Meccano Magazines

46. FMM.12.33 Astronomical clock

47. FMM.11.55 Simple self standing clock