Meccano Centenary Commemorative Stamp

To celebrate one hundred years of Meccano, a special commemorative stamp has been issued to honour the occasion.  The stamp has been designed by Michael Adler with special art work by Doug Harris.  The design takes the form of the famous blocksetter, overprinted with a portrait of Frank Hornby, Meccano's inventor. 

The Meccano Centennary Commemorative Stamp

The stamps are printed in fine quality four colour offset litho.  The sheets of stamps can be used on ordinary mail, but are not postage stamps.   They can be attached to a letter alongside normal stamps.  The covers  should have considerable collectors value, especially if a complete set is  obtained from all 32 countries where Meccano persons are to be found.

A complete sheet of stamps

The set of five sheets of 20 stamps is available as peel off no gumb stickers at GBP 14.75 or equivalent.

Contact  MW Models or Doug Harris for supplies as follows:

MW Models.
4 Greys Road, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 1RY, England UK

Doug Harris
Box 82 323, Highland Park, Auckland, 1705, New Zealand