Daniel Comes to Play

Part 1

Daniel comes to play Meccano - A Meccanoman in the making.

Daniel came over to play today. He is my little grandson aged three.

'Hello, Bampa, can we use the 'lectric screwdriver now?' 

'Yes of course Daniel, here it is!' (Meccano Power Tool Visseuse 2325) for children aged 7+, but Daniel was determined to use it. Unfortunately it has an Allen key tool, so I had to get my supply of Meccano Allen screws out specially for the occasion. 

'What would you like to build Daniel?'

'The helicopter, Bampa.' He's mad about helicopters. They go over his house in London every day. I had shown him the plans I had been keeping up my sleeve. They had been specially prepared by John Westwood, and provide an excellent range of small models for little fingers and on one of the pages was a model of a helicopter.

I opened my Meccano cabinet. 'Wow Bampa, are those all Meccano parts?' 

'Yes Daniel. Here are the pieces you need for the blades and this is the wheel to fix them to. I'll hold the nut while you use your 'lectric screwdriver'. He settled down on my lap, and we patiently assembled the whole model together. It didn't take him long to ask for a 'lectric motor for the rotor and we soon had that hooked up and working. He was able to increase the speed of the rotor and magically get the machine to take off.

The helicopter that Daniel built

He came back the next day with shining eyes. 'Can we build something else with the Meccano, Bampa?' 'Yes, Daniel, what would you like to build now?'. 'A crane - lets build a crane'. He's mad about cranes too. 

We looked at the plans, and there was a crane. He settled down with me and loved the little crane we built together. It had a base, a rotating superstructure, a luffing jib, and a hook that really went up and down - with a 'lectric motor! When it was built, he lifted up a girder on the hook using the transformer, rotated the crane about its base, and lowered the load again.