Daniel Comes to Play


Daniel's brother aged two was very insistent that he be included.  'I want to play Meccano, Bampa!'  I had to put Joel on my knee, and let him beat out a rhythm with two Meccano rods on a cardboard box.  'I want to play with the hairdryer' said he, referring to Daniel's precious electric screwdriver.


Daniel has just been to the Science Museum and I knew that he was dead keen to build a steam engine, as he had seen a giant red steam engine actually working there. 

'Can we build that in Meccano, Bampa?'  'Yes Daniel, of course you can, my big boy'. I showed him a diagram of a steam engine with crankshaft, cylinder and piston, and in no time, we had it assembled. 


'Bampa, we've got to fix a 'lectric motor to it! - then it'll work' says, my little engineer. We fixed a Richard motor with 6 speed gearbox to the crankshaft with a contrate and pinion between.  Daniel insisted on wiring the motor to the transformer.  Now almost five, this is one of his favorite activities and he knows exactly what to do.  Straight away, Joel reached over and threw the controller into full speed.


The little engine works beautifully, and Daniel is thrilled with it.  He has been allowed to take it home and show it to his Dad.  He's coming back tomorrow to continue work on his racing car.