Daniel and Joel come to play - 6


Daniel and Joel are growing up very quickly.  Their interests are broadening, and it is fascinating to watch them at play.


Oh Bampa says Daniel I know you’re going to love this.  He has brought home a flute from school and has managed to produce a dull hissing noise from it with great pride.   I am sure it will not take him long to master it.   Joel has been busy experimenting with his magic kit, and has insisted that I prepare myself this evening for a demonstration of his sleight of hand.     


But Bampa is anxious to settle them down with Meccano again.  He has recently returned from a trip to Seattle where he visited the Boeing Factory and bought a videotape of the new 787.   The boys love anything that flies and so we sat down together to watch the tape and see the wing being built.   The first stage is to build an I shaped center spar around which the rest of the wing will be built.   It is the backbone of the wing and is formed from a long flat ribbon of metal to which four angle girders are welded.     I suddenly had an idea Boys can you build that spar from Meccano?    Up they leaped to be the first to build it.  Out came flat girders and angle girders and within no time at all they proudly showed me their own Meccano wing center spar.   We knew that that girder could withstand any stress.    I wanted to carry on with the tape, but Daniel had spotted an icon on my computer screen which was for a Train Simulator.   It was a program I had not explored properly as I had only recently explored it, but I had found it difficult to use.   Not so Daniel.  What is it about today’s children.   In no time flat, her had produced a layout and had a train steaming up and down, with cars on the roads , fly over bridges and signals.     Joel demanded his turn and his own layout and I couldn’t pry them away from the computer after that.      


Meanwhile waiting for them at home were two Meccano kits, the crane set and the Motor cycle kit.   Joel and I built his motor cycle carefully together and I was delighted with his interest and his dexterity.    He was allowed to take the kit home with him, with strict instructions to keep the parts tidy and together in its box.     While he was busy with his kit, Daniel and I worked on the crane, carefully following the instructions. 


Helped me drove the robot