Daniel and Joel come to play

Daniel and Joel are my grandsons.   Daniel was born in 1997 and Joel in 1999.   They live in London.   Although their grandfather lives in Israel, nevertheless we manage to see each other at least twice a year and spend as much time with each other as possible.   They were joined by a little sister Ariela in 2005.   

The boys love to play with Meccano and I have tried to lead them through the building process.    They have built cranes and cars and especially aircraft.   We have played trains and flown kites and sailed model boats.    I have been to their school and seen how keen they are to learn.   Like all young boys they are at home with modern technology, and their fingers simply fly over the keyboard and they are much quicker to experiment than their grandfather and they have taught me a thing or two.   I wonder how long it will be before their sister demands more attantion.

In the pages that follow you will find all the articles which have appeared in the pages of the International Meccanoman magazine in recent years with kind permission of its editor Paul Joachim.  Looking back at them, they form a record of the boys growing up, a process which seems to go by far too quickly.

Part 1. dj1.htm   Daniel's first model

Part 2. dj2.htm   Model Trains

Part 3. dj3.htm   British Airways

Part 4. dj4.htm   My 'lectric motor!

Part 5. dj5.htm   Flashing green!

Part 6. dj6.htm   My flautist and my magician

Part 7. dj7.htm   The Astronaut

Part 8. dj8.htm   Museums and Meccano sets

Part 9. dj9.htm   We build the Forth Bridge

Part 10.dj10.htm   Building an Orrery

Part 11.dj11.htm   Programming a stepper Motor Robot