Fischer Technik Robot


Fischer Technik Robot.  FischerTechnik is a high quality construction system which uses a range of parts which slide and lock together without nuts and bolts. 

The machine shown here has four degrees of freedom.  This robot was on sale in 1986 and was part of a kit of parts.  A computer interface was sold separately connected to the computer via the printer port or a Com port.   The software to run the models was supplied with the interface and was complicated and could not be emulated by anyone other than an experienced programmer.   It is now possible to buy an updated version.

The robot shown here was one of the 1986 designs.  The robot was called Training Robot 30572 .   In recent years, Fischer who have a worldwide distribution network  introduced a new interface called  Robo and software to run on it called RoboPro.   This is an icon driven program which is extremely easy to understand and to use.   It therefore has a very large advantage over other controllers which have proved hard for Meccanomen to use.    It is likely that Meccano motors and other equipment could easily be run from the device and might open the door at last to proper computer control for Meccano models.

Michael Adler

June 2008.  

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