Desktop Robot with Gearmotors


New desktop robot with gearmotors.   This robot has 6 motors which control body rotation, shoulder and elbow motion, and two motors for the differential at the wrist.    The wrist motion is neutral whenever should or elbow are moved because the drive to the wrist is take through the shoulder joint by coaxial drives and chain linkage.    This sophisticated method of mechansical linkage mimics that of the Asea robots but on a smaller and more manageable scale.   There are no linear actuators as the drive is taken directly to the shoulder and elbow joints.   The elbow joint is partly controlled through a parallel linkage.  No counterweight is needed.   The hand still awaits development, and control with initially be through joysticks mounted on a pedestal.    Later it is hoped through encoder feedback from each motor drive to allow computer control.   

I believe this robot to be very special and it will soon be described in a modelplan.   It is believed that because of its size, this particular robot could be used for further robotic experiments.

Michael Adler

June 2008.