Real Hydraulics with Meccano

By Michael Adler

A miniature hydraulic system has been developed for use with Meccano.  It consists of an electric motor linked to an oil pump and incorporating a pressure safety valve and a reservoir.   Linked to it by pressure tubing are control valves.   These are hand operated but could easily be connected to servo motors for radio or remote control.   The valves are in turn connected to one or more hydraulic cylinders.   (See fig. 1)   The system can be successfully used with the Meccano system as the holes drilled in the base and piston are Meccano size, and  the pistons compliment the Meccano system in appearance. 

Operation consists of filling the system with oil and excluding any air.  Apply a voltage to the motor and  run the pump continuously.  It is possible to monitor the pressure lines by means of a manometer.   A safety valve can be fitted.

Fig. 1 Hydraulic system showing electric pump, control valves and cylinders with

a 5 1/2" girder to show the size of components.

In operation, the piston movement is smooth and positive and follows the control valve movement closely.   Reversing direction of the control lever reverses the motion of the piston.   There is a great deal of power as one would expect from a hydraulic system.  Pistons can be obtained in various lengths.

Enquires should be directed to Mr P.C Millenaar, Briklaan 11, 9351 PL Leek, Holland

Michael Adler - November 2004