Aims of the International Society of Meccanomen

Frank Hornby

The International Society of Meccanomen (ISM) was founded in 1989 by Michael Adler, a visionary Meccano enthusiast who perceived a need for a successor to the Meccano Guild.

Frank Hornby, pictured left, who in 1901 introduced the world to the invention that later became Meccano, recognised the attraction of a publication that would draw together the interests of Meccano enthusiasts throughout the world. In its heyday, the Meccano Magazine had a regular monthly print run of 50,000, with subscribers and members of the Meccano Guild from six continents. Frank Hornby would be proud to know that his concept of internationalism lives on, albeit, in this age of multimedia distractions, on a reduced scale but still capable of drawing its adherents from six continents.