Lego Robot

NXT Mindstorms interface- computer controlled

Lego have created the sort of device that Meccano should have produced.   A kit containing parts to build various computer controlled mechansisms as well as a special interface between the computer and the  model.    This device has icons which are easily understandable and can be strunfg together to produce a program.  This little computer programming knowledge is required to control a model.   Most of the icons can be accessed to    reveal further possibilities for programming such a precise motor control, and sensor input details.   Quite complicated programs at this higher level can thus be written including branching and subroutines.

The motors are clever devices which contain feedback for precise positioning.   There are various sensors available including touch, infra-red, sound and colour recognition.  

The model shown above has been designed by myself and contains three motors - one for base rotation, another for the shoulder, and a third for the gripper.


June 2008