NEW Family Membership

Membership of the International Society of Meccanomen

  1. The Society has two classes of members: Ordinary Members and Honorary Members.
  2. Ordinary Membership shall be open to any individual over the age of 7, but members under the age of 18 may not vote at the general meetings or hold office.
  3. An applicant for Ordinary Membership shall complete an application form as devised by the committee from time to time, and shall accompany the application with one year's subscription; and any member of the committee may receive the application.
  4. Membership of the Society shall entitle the holder to one copy of the each of the Society's publications when they appear, and to vote on resolutions.
  5. Honorary Membership may be conferred upon any individual as determined by the committee and shall carry all the privileges of ordinary membership.

If you wish to join the International Society of Meccanomen, please complete the form in this section  and send to: 
Adrian Williams
72a Old High Street

or contact him by email at Adrian Williams

Family Membership

Family membership is now available. For an additional subscription of STG 2 pounds, family members will be entitled to all the benefits of ISM membership, except that only one set of all publications will be sent to the membership address. Please indicate on your application form if you are including someone as a family member, add the 2 pounds to your subscription, and include details of the family member on a separate sheet.

Last modified 02 February 2002