Robotics 101

A Robotics Course

Lecturer Enrique Nivasch

Aims of the course:

Using a hands on approach - participants will build a Stamp Controller and Stamp Boe Bot and learn how to program it.   Initially the Boe Bot controller will be used, but the Javelin controller will be used later.   It is assumed that the participants will have very little basic knowledge.

Fig 1. Stamp BS2 Module

Fig 2. Stamp Starter Kit

Fig 3. Boe Bot

Many opportunities exist to widen the course to include a range of sensors, and to drive different types of motors.   The course will explore programming languages starting with Basic, Stamp Basic and Java which is a type of C++.   

Equipment:.  Computer and simple tools

Each participant will have their own robot.   These will then be built and their servos centred.   Study of Stamp documentation.. 

Programs will be written during lecture time and at home.   Programming requires a certain thinking approach - thought must be devoted to the problem in advance of writing.  Correct sequencing is important.  Constant testing and trials are required with debugging tools.   Event programming will be learned as well as correct sequencing.   How a robot can be taught, how it will learn and execute instructions will be covered.

Michael Adler July 07