Tensator Spring

The Tensator spring is supplied by the Tensator Company in England and has the unique property of wanting to return to its original coiled shape when wound onto another drum, against its natural curve. It thus exhibits two quite unique characteristics:

1. There is no friction between coils

2. There is no change in torque as the spring is unwound.

In the illustration, two drums can be seen - the storage drum, and the torque drum.  The spring is first wrapped on the smaller drum, the storage drum.  It is then fastened to the larger torque drum so that its curve will be reversed.    As it is wound onto the torque drum, its natural tendency is to return to its natural state on the storage drum.  Thus a powerful torque is applied to larger drum and is used to make an efficient motor.   

The Tensator clockwork motor thus finds unprecedented use in clocks. It was first used in this way by Pat Briggs from Nottingham, England, see The Meccano Newsmag No. 72 July 1995, and later by Keith Cameron in his article in

CQ32 June 1996, a picture of which  is shown here.  A clock using the Tensator Motor was subsequently built by Keith Cameron which is described and illustrated in CQ33.

The Motor has recently been used in the Grimthorpe Clock.

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