About this WebSite

If this website looks vaguely familiar, it is because it is styled on the ISM website, which I started in February 1996.  It gives me an opportunity to show some of my own Meccano work, and also to present my views on Meccano matters.

Meccano is one of my main interests since I was a boy and received my first Meccano set at the age of six from the traditional aunt.    My main interests have been in model building, and I have built many models from the instruction books and the Meccano magazines.  Not all of them were recorded in the earlier years much to my sorrow, but there is a good record of those built in the last 25 years or so.  

This website is divided into four main sections - clocks and related subjects, robotics, where I show a selection of my models especially Industrial Robotics, and a section on General Meccano models, and finally a section where I express my point of view and write some Meccano related articles.  Clocks have held a special fascination for me as they are not models at all, but follow in the traditions of centuries of clockmakers - it is the wonders of Meccano that make it possible to reproduce many of the clock mechanisms without going near a workshop.   My love of robotics grew out of a visit I made in 1983 to an international exhibition of technology and automation in Ghent in Belgium.  Here I saw robots working for the first time, was quite fascinated and suddenly drawn to the idea that here was the ideal Meccano model waiting to be built.  

I hope you will enjoy your tour, and return again from time to time to see what is going on and what has been achieved lately.


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