Recent Updates

Code 7 Stepper Controller Project

Cape Town Crane Modelplan 190 - large version

Towers Of Hanoi Robot Video

New Stepper Motor Robot

 150 Anniversary Clock at BHI

 New Scara Servo robot

 New Asea Mark III Robot

Robotics Course

  New Asea Mark III Robot

  New Meccano Museum in Davos

ArcAngle Robot Computerised

  New Industrial Robot 'ArcAngle'

  Harrison Memorial

  JCB Excavator and Meccano

  New Asea IRb6 Industrial Robot

Babbage Difference Computer

New Clock articles

  Real Hydraulics with Meccano

  A visit to John Wilding - Horologist and Meccanoman

  Technology of Harrison's Third Marine Chronometer

  Tensator Spring

 Locking Plate Striking Mechanism

 All about Meccano and Robotics

Sinclair Harding Clock - Mark 2

  A Meccano Triple Co-axial Drive

The Riefler Clock

  Sinclair Harding Navigation Clock

  Improvements to Riefler escapement

  Grignion clock

  New Arnfield Clock

  Gearless Hands

  Gearless Clock  


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June 2011