Warbey Riefler Gravity Escapement Clock

John Warbey

The prototype Warbey Riefler Clock

The Riefler gravity escapement

This is a most interesting clock as it has a fascinating escapement, which is reliable and accurate.   The clock also has a fully functioning remontoire or rewind mechanism, and this ensures an even torque to the escape wheel and hence impulse to the pendulum.    The pendulum is supported on knife edges.  The clock also has a Huygens continuous chain weight driven mechanism which powers the remontoire with an automated electrically driven rewind mechanism.   Finally the clock is mounted in a purpose built case to accommodate the second pendulum and the weight.    

 The inspiration to build the clock came from a prototype built by Horologist John Warbey.  The escapement presented a challenge and was a variation on a previous Riefler Clock built using the same escape wheels and pallets but impulsed through the pendulum spring so the main components were available.   These parts have the same dimensions as the original prototype, so that using them in a Meccano clock demonstrates the ability of the system to support such fine dimensions and the call for accuracy in construction and tuning.  


The Riefler Escapement in Meccano


The Riefler Warbey gravity Escapement Clock